Vibiana had the pleasure of hosting Screen Gems and Sony Pictures for the filming of Burlesque earlier this year. Without giving anything away, a number of scenes were shot in the main hall, including a wedding ceremony and a wedding reception set up. We have to say, that it was VERY COOL to have the likes of Cher, Christina Aguilera, and Stanley Tucci performing at the venue. So if you are looking for a break from turkey carving and Black Friday holiday shopping this weekend, we  suggest a trip to the movies where you can relax and check out Vibiana in style.

A Royal Wedding!

Ok, we admit it. We are smitten with Kate… err, we mean, soon to be Princess Katherine of England! We cannot wait to see all of the details of her wedding to Prince William unfold. Everything from the dress, to the flowers, the hair and even the jewels will certainly emerge as the new wedding trends across the globe in 2011. We will be keeping up as the news rolls in, and will be sure to share any fabulous ideas that may translate into use for our clients here at Vibiana.

To begin, we thought we would share in some of the speculation out there about Miss Middleton’s choice of dress. According to an English betting firm, William Hill, designer Phillipa Lepley has risen to odds of 3/1 as the dressmaker of choice. Lepley uses extraordinary fabrics and handmade lace to construct classic and elegant silhouettes, and has been a favorite in England, as well as among many British stars including Davina McCall and Ulrika Jonsson.

Another designer with the odds rising in her favor is Elizabeth Emanuel, the artist behind Princess Diana’s gown. William had said in his first press conference with Katherine that he intended on finding ways to honor his mother’s memory throughout their special day, and perhaps a dress by the same designer may be what they had in mind. In any case, we believe he is off to a wonderful start in gifting Katherine with his mother’s 18 carat oval sapphire engagement ring surrounded in diamonds. How romantic and touching!

Information source: MailOnline and MSNlifestyle