Vibiana’s Top 10 of 2010 #1 Healthy Options

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The final and tastiest trend on our “Top 10 of 2010” has to do with providing healthy options.

This year many of our clients have used Vibiana to raise awareness about healthy choices and eating right. From the annual Pamper Me Fabulous event targeting issues in women’s health, to Roots of Change’s “Good Food For All” event supporting local farmers and fresh, healthy, affordable food options for Angelenos, this year has been an important one for healthful living and good food.

Frequently our social and corporate clients request local and organic menus for their guests through our preferred caterers, some of whom are organic food specialists. This is a trend that’s showing no signs of slowing in the new year. We at Vibiana are all about living well, and look forward to helping you and your guests enjoy a happy and healthy 2011.

Vibiana’s #2 Custom Photo-booths

Our #2 on Vibiana’s Top 10 of 2010 is the perfect way to lighten the mood of any event. The custom photo-booth has remained a steady favorite among our guests and it’s easy to see why: even the most formal events can benefit from a bit of silly fun here and there. Creatively chosen props and costumes provided for use in the booth can help guests come out of their shells and loosen them up for the rest of the evening, long after they’ve returned the moustache and glasses!

Most event photographers are able to provide a photo booth as part of their package and include the booth photos among your prints and albums from the event. Outside vendors often provide a disc of images from the photo booth in addition to the photos your guests print themselves directly from the photo booth. One recent Vibiana bride provided a pair of glasses frames to each of her guests that mimicked the glasses her new husband owns so everyone could take comical look-alike photos in the booth. The glasses were such a hit that the guests didn’t take them off for most of the night!

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Vibiana’s Top 10 of 2010 #3 Sustainable Favors

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If there’s one word we heard more than any other in 2010 it was “sustainability.” A number of our clients this year made a special effort to ensure their events were eco-conscious.

One simple and stress-free way to help make yours a green event is to provide sustainable items as favors rather than the traditional box of chocolates or trinkets. A few such favors that come to mind are potted herbs or succulents, flower or vegetable seeds to plant in a garden, donations to a favorite charity, or even small jars of locally produced honey or jam. These innovative favors not only let you offer your guests something a little unexpected and non-traditional, but they’re also something you can feel good about when you look back on your special event.