Emerging Trends in Events for 2011

We wanted to share with our readers an article from the latest edition of BizBash–NY & LA Magazine that provides a great snapshot of what tools, inspirations, and trends will be driving event professionals and what we can expect to see in 2011.

A few of these forecasted trends, such as the catering trends of using local, “farm to table” ingredients and  smaller passed plates  in place of a seated dinner are service ideas that we witnessed at events towards the end of 2010 season and that we’re looking forward to seeing more of in 2011.

A very interesting question posed was about the increased usage of social media and technology to plan, produce, and promote events said to take place during this year.   BizBash readers took a poll in which one of the questions was “Which of the following do you plan to use to promote an event in 2011?” An overwhelming 83% said that they will use email invitations rather than the traditional paper ones. In second place, 73% of readers chose Facebook as their most reliable event promotion tool with Twitter and Blogging following closely behind. Although the economy was what readers thought would have the “biggest effect on the event industry” in 2011, social media was thought to have the second largest effect on the industry as a whole.

The iPad is also taking a key role in the planning and production process this year. Readers will be mostly be using the iPad to create “concept/ design presentations” for clients, board members and other industry professionals pre-event, but many will also be using them to “show product demos at events” and “to hold all of [their] event information on-site” as a producer or planner.

We are interested to see which of these projections play out in the events industry during 2011 and will keep our eyes open for any other emerging trends we see here in the space.

For the full article click here.

A Royal Wedding Update

As more details about the Royal Wedding have popped up in the last few weeks we thought it was time to give you another update.  We have been following one of the top English wedding planners, Mark Niemierko as he shares his opinions on details such as the dress, the attendants, and even what role the Queen will play in the big event.

As far as the wedding planning process goes, the bride’s family is traditionally the more hands-on party. Niemierko believes that in this case, the office of Prince Charles will have a largest role in the decision making and planning for the future King and Queen’s nuptials.

We know the location of the ceremony, and we have made some educated guesses about the dress and its designer, but what about the reception location and the groom’s attire? The most likely choice for a reception location is either a royal property that can accommodate hundreds of guests, or a really “swanky” hotel. According to Niemierko, the reception “need(s) to be in London. London instantly screams glamour and wow.  It’s going to be like five stars beyond five stars. I think the Savoy would be really exciting”.

And for the groom’s attire? There is currently a debate on whether the Prince will wear a dignified military uniform, (most likely custom made for the wedding) or the more traditional English morning suit that consists of a pair of pinstriped trousers and a dark grey or black suit jacket. Niemierko expects that although the wedding will be centered on a more traditional vibe, both the bride and groom will add their own unique mark to their wedding day apparel in order to make a lasting statement. “I would like to think that he would be quite fashion forward,” says Niemierko. “I would suggest Norton & Sons, a great tailor on Savile Row. They would do a bespoke morning suit for him.”

Stay tuned for more of our Royal Wedding updates as we inch closer to the big day!