Live Event Painter | Interview via Amber Events

Nira of Amber Events recently interviewed Laura Jane Swytak at Vibiana, a live event painter based in Santa Ana.

“With her extensive educational and travel experiences, she offers something quite unique to the greater Los Angeles community. Laura can masterfully compose a painting of your wedding day for you to treasure for the rest of your life. More than capture details, she evokes fond memories and heartfelt emotions with her artwork. It’s a memento you will truly hold dear to.”


“How did you come up with the idea for being a “live event painter?”
In 2006, I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar… well, not quite. I was working at an old historic venue in Baltimore waiting tables, and we had a bride who wanted a painting done of her wedding. Knowing I had gone to art school, my boss asked me if I was interested.  As with so many other things, I said yes before I even thought about it.

I then spent an entire month going to the train station every day, working on capturing the space. I noticed the transient commuters reading newspapers and the energy of the commuters shuffling about the station. I remember doing the first wedding and being completely petrified. I almost left before the reception started; it actually took everything I had to stay. At the end of the night the feeling of elation was so intense, of just kind of overcoming a huge fear, and then the wedding biz took off.”

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Photography: Brandon Aquino


Evan Longoria’s Wedding Tasting at Vibiana

Evan Longoria and his fiancé, along with their planner, Mindy Weiss, joined Chef Neal Fraser at Vibiana for a wedding tasting and of course, lots of baseball talk.

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2016 G’Day USA Gala at Vibiana

2016 G’Day USA Gala is the most anticipated annual Australian event in the United States.  This years gala at Vibiana was presented by Quantas, produced by Sequoia Productions and hosted by Toni Collette & Rachel Griffiths.

Mad Max director George Miller and actor Joe Edgerton were honored and the evening featured performances by Hugh Jackman, Seal and Hayley Warner.

GDAY_USA_LA_Gala_2016_Vibiana_1 GDAY_USA_LA_Gala_2016_Vibiana_12 GDAY_USA_LA_Gala_2016_Vibiana_22 GDAY_USA_LA_Gala_2016_Vibiana_32 GDAY_USA_LA_Gala_2016_Vibiana_33 GDAY_USA_LA_Gala_2016_Vibiana_45