Venue Questions

"I’m very interested in booking Vibiana for my event but I need a little time to make my decision — can I put a hold on a date?"

Yes, we offer a complimentary ‘soft’ hold on a date for up to one week after a tour of the venue.

"I’m interested in a date that someone else has on hold—what are my options?"

If you are prepared with a deposit and signed contract, you can formally challenge a first hold. This means that the first hold client has 48 hours to deposit and sign a contract for the date. If the holding client does not formally book within those 48 hours the date is released to you for booking. The challenge starts on the day in which you are notified and hours include Saturdays and Sundays.

"What is required to formally book a date at Vibiana?"

We require a 50% Venue Payment, $2,500 Food and Beverage Deposit, a signed copy of your Venue Contract and signed Food and Beverage Contract to formally book your date.  A check, cashier’s check or credit card payment is accepted.

Venue payment checks are to be made payable to “VIBIANA.” Food and Beverage payment checks are to be made payable to “VIBIANA EVENTS.”

"When are the rest of my payments due?"

You are required to approve your initial Food and Beverage Proposal no more than 60 days after booking your event. 50% of the estimated Food and Beverage total is due upon approval. The remaining 50% Venue Payment, remaining 50% Food and Beverage Payment and Damage Deposit are due 7 days prior to your event date.

"What is the Damage Deposit used for?"

The refundable damage deposit is due 7 days prior to your event date and is provided in case of any damages that occur due to
any activities related to your rental period. Please refer to your Venue Contract for further information regarding damage charges.

"When do I need to report my final guest count?"

Your final guest count is required 7 days prior to your event date. Should your actual guest count exceed your final guest count additional staffing and/or rental charges will be billed on the final invoice.

"Vibiana is a historic building, do you have updated power and air conditioning systems?"

Yes, the renovations at Vibiana were not just aesthetic. We have added all new infrastructures to the space, including event power that is available for lighting and entertainment use in the main hall as well as additional event power in the garden. We also have an updated heating and air conditioning system, as well as renovated restrooms and a state of the art kitchen. Please inquire directly with your Event Manager if you have any specific power needs.

"Do I need a dance floor?"

Yes, Vibiana requires a dance floor for any planned dancing activities. We can provide a dance floor, please inquire with your Sales Director for pricing and options.

"Where can my guests park?"

Vibiana offers valet parking services through an exclusive valet company. Due to local parking restrictions and limited availability of street parking, we require all guests to utilize the valet parking services. To secure valet parking for your event please inquire directly with your Sales Director.

"Your catering packages and sample menus look nice, but I have my own menu in mind. Can your Chef provide alternate options?"

Yes, Chef Neal Fraser is happy to create a customized menu for you based on your style, preferences and budget based on customization.

"I’ve considered Vibiana Events for my dining options but would like a specific type of ethnic cuisine. I want to hire an outside caterer—Can I, and does it cost anything extra?"

Chef Neal Fraser is able to design and execute food from anywhere around the world and can work with you through menu submissions and tastings to create the experience you envision. Please ask your Sales Director for samples menus Chef Fraser has executed. Vibiana does allow outside caterers to provide catering services for clients that want specific ethnic catering. Please see our outside catering Wedding Package for pricing and details. Before being approved to work in the space, the caterer must provide a current copy of their Catering License, current copy of their General Liability Insurance (including Worker’s Compensation) and the venue must be listed as additional insured on their provided certificate. We require a minimum of $1 million in coverage. In addition, the caterer must agree to comply with Vibiana’s Vendor Code of Conduct. Please keep in mind that, even with a Kitchen Buyout, we do not allow ‘like/similar’ caterers at Vibiana.

"How do your minimums work?"

Our F&B Package Minimums are based on the day of the week. Monday-Friday are $25,000.00++, Saturdays are $35,000.00++ and Sundays are $30,000.00++.
We also have a guest count minimum for our F&B Packages of 150 guests. A drop in guest count below the required minimum will result in a package price increase per person.
Our contract requires a guest count guarantee, with an allowed attrition of 10%. A drop in guest count below the required guarantee will result in a minimum charge based on the 90% count.ees

"Can I bring in my own alcohol?"

Vibiana offers exclusive bar packages that are very competitively priced and include a number of ways in which we can customize the drink service to match your taste and budget for your event. Our alcohol license does not allow other parties to bring alcohol onto the premises for consumption.

"Can we place bottles of wine or liquor on the table?"

Vibiana offers dinner wine service, where servers will approach each legal aged guest at the table and offer to pour wine tableside. Our alcohol license does not allow open bottles to be placed on the table.

"Can I bring in my own rentals?"

Vibiana allows only supplemental décor and rentals from other approved rental companies. We can also customize the rentals provided as a part of your Food & Beverage Proposal. Supplementing or providing additional rentals from other rental resources does not change the minimums of our food and beverage package pricing.

"How do tastings work?"

A complimentary menu tasting is available for booked weddings. We are happy to include up to four guests (including the bride and groom for weddings). Any additional guests must be pre-approved prior to the tasting and are subject to an additional $100++ per guest fee and may be additional depending on any custom menu items being presented. Tastings are typically scheduled at least two weeks in advance and take place Tuesday-Thursday. If you would like to schedule your menu tasting prior to confirming your booking a customized charge based on your menu and needs will apply.

"I’d like to host my Ceremony and Reception in the Main Hall—is this possible?"

Yes, many of our wedding clients opt to host both their ceremony and reception in the Main Hall. The ability to do this is dependent on a number of factors—number of guests and guest tables, intricacy of décor, whether or not sound check is needed for a live band, and budget for additional catering staffing, rental staffing and possible draping that may be needed in order to ‘turn-over’ or ‘flip’ the space during your cocktail reception.

"Do I have to hire a wedding planner?"

Yes, Vibiana requires that a licensed wedding planner start their coordination for your wedding at least 30 days out from your wedding date. This 30 day requirement ensures that a planner is present to act as the lead for the day of the wedding as well as the final Countdown/Lead Vendor meeting which is always scheduled 30 days in advance of your wedding date.

"Does Vibiana allow candles?"

Yes, candles can be used as part of the décor for your event. A list of general fire safety restrictions can be provided upon request.
All open flame and candles must be approved by the LAFD through a simple permitting process. Please inquire directly with your Event Manager as to how to obtain a candle permit.

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