Silk Road Cocktail Collection at Redbird

Redbird Bar Director Tobin Shea introduces his Silk Road Cocktail Collection. Initially inspired by Chef Neal Fraser’s eclectic approach to cooking and, specifically, the Lamb Belly dish, Shea’s 18 cocktails are concocted with herbs, spices and liqueurs inspired by the stories and flavors along the trade route between China and the capital of the Roman […]

Grace Ormonde Feature | La Boheme Design

The La Boheme design created by Nahid’s Global Events and Square Root Designs for the Luxe Launch 2017 was a vibrant display of florals, mixed metals, and impeccable decor. The design team used the Moroccan-inspired linen as a starting point for the color palette which included blush, orange, and coral notes combined with hints of […]

The Weingart Center | Transformation Gala

The Weingart Center is a non-profit organization that dedicates itself to empowering and transforming lives within the community. Each year they host a gala to mark another year of success and to continue the fight against poverty and homelessness and we are looking forward to hosting the event at Vibiana once again on November 2nd. […]

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