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StarChefs Rising Stars Awards Gala

Rising Stars are up-and-coming chefs and culinary professionals who represent the vanguard of the contemporary American dining scene. They have strong, compelling culinary philosophies, are able to see beyond the four walls of their restaurant, and are committed to fostering a culinary community by sharing their knowledge with fellow professionals. Ultimately, creativity, ambition, exquisite presentation and, most important, delicious food wins a chef the designation of StarChefs Rising Star. They are the future of American cuisine. 

Vibiana was honored to host the 2014 Los Angeles Tasting Gala and Awards Ceremony in June.  There were so many deserving chefs honored at the Awards Ceremony in the Vibiana Garden Courtyard, who then had the chance to show off their skills and delicious creations through the tasting gala in Vibiana‘s Main Hall.

It was an incredible night – congratulations to all StarChefs Rising Stars!StarChefs-Rising-Stars-Gala-Vibiana-2

RqGdUbw_w__fGoj8bFd0L4woBHFgkcZgsgQYEwWR9ok,_ZF9dlhlALnIdprmOUT0xPLQ7Wz5gdgBKuQQTfULoTo StarChefs-Rising-Stars-Gala-Vibiana-21StarChefs-Rising-Stars-Gala-Vibiana-222014 Los Angeles Rising Stars Gala at Vibiana - LA, CAStarChefs-Rising-Stars-Gala-Vibiana-12StarChefs-Rising-Stars-Gala-Vibiana-23 StarChefs-Rising-Stars-Gala-Vibiana-15StarChefs-Rising-Stars-Gala-Vibiana-242014 Los Angeles Rising Stars Gala at Vibiana - LA, CAStarChefs-Rising-Stars-Gala-Vibiana-17la_rising_stars_honorees_ae_2014-7688la_rising_stars_honorees_ae_2014-7692
Photography:  Aliza Eliazarov Photography

National Doughnut Day

Light as air with a salted caramel glaze, toasted almonds, cinnamon marshmallows, and chocolate, BLD’s Rocky Road Doughnuts will make National Doughnut Day a stellar experience.  Pair those doughnuts with bourbon and it’s gonna be one for the books at BLD.

In celebration of National Doughnut Day, BLD‘s Doughnuts & Bourbon will marry five wonderful creations from Pastry Chef Mariah Swan with tasting portions of premium bourbon.  From 3-11PM you will be able to taste creations like Spiced Orange Caramel paired with Basil Hayden’s or Butterscotch Toffee alongside Bernheim Original Kentucky Wheat Whiskey, you’ll definitely find yourself indulging. Doughnuts are available a la carte or in flights of three or five, with or without bourbon pairings.

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Verve Coffee Roasters at Vibiana


Verve Coffee Roasters supports the producers and exporters, roasters and baristas who are paying attention—who are invested in making each cup an authentic, quality experience. They wake up our palates every day to what is possible.

Aside from their 3 Santa Cruz locations, the newest Verve space will be coming soon to West Hollywood and is expected to bring the “full Verve retail experience.”  In the meantime, if you are eager to experience the delicious coffee sooner, we are thrilled to host Verve’s elegant, airy pop-up in our very own downtown Vibiana courtyard!

Vibiana-Julie-1310743-640x427Verve Coffee is available at Vibiana Monday through Friday from 8AM to 3PM.