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Guest Blog by Sonia Sharma

Today’s blog post was written by nationally recognized event consultant, Sonia Sharma. Sonia has put together the hot trends popping up for Spring 2011 and how to recreate them at your own event.

Trend Alert: Citrus for Spring

Spring is in full swing and love is in the air! Flowers are in bloom and trees are abundant with fruit. This seasons wedding decor reflects the bounty of nature with lemons, limes, mint springs and herbs. Many brides are going to have their ceremony and cocktail hour outdoors and will use natural elements in their decor. Lemons, limes and kumquats are great to have on cocktail tables, at your bar and in floral arrangements. Vintage colored glass or white glass containers look great with fruit and flowers at a Spring wedding. Wooden tables, benches and chairs also add a natural element to the overall look and can make any Spring wedding look chic and earthy at the same time. Planted herbs can be used as place card holders and table numbers as a for an organic feel that goes perfectly with citrus. You can also incorporate citrus in your signature drink with mojitos, lemon drop martinis and strawberry lemonade. If you are in love with the bright orange, yellow and greens of this season you should take a chance on some vibrant shoes to go with your dress as well. This season is all about the citrus fruits and there are so many ways to incorporate them into your Spring wedding.

For more tips and event information from Sonia, visit her site.

We have a confession to make…

We simply love the charm and character of our old confessional booths here at Vibiana, and love it even more when our Brides and Grooms use them for creative photos!

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Guest Blog by Brian Worley of Your Bash!

We are pleased to introduce our first guest blog by Brian Worley of Your Bash! He has provided some great tips for throwing a fantastic party without breaking the bank. For more information on Brian’s services visit his site or follow him on Twitter: @bworleyevents. Also, you can see his work first hand on our previous Your Bash blog post.

So without further ado, here’s Brian!

“I keep hearing that the economy is getting better and that things are turning around for everyone financially, but even if that is the case, I still am looking for the best deal in town or will do all I can to stretch my holiday dollars as far as they will go.  Here are my favorite five tops tips for the frugally conscious to help out your holiday!

1) As a designer, I love to decorate!  Holiday decorations make the holidays festive, but they can be very expensive.  When I decorate my house or even a clients for the holidays, I pair inexpensive ornaments and decorations from discount stores like Big Lots! or the 99 cent Store (i can’t find the cent symbol on my computer) with more expensive ones from stores that have fashion forward items that are trendy for the season!  Think of it as the little black dress you can wear anywhere, but with the right accessories, it can go from day to night!  Find the perfect balance of inexpensive and trendy and you have the perfect holiday decor that looks like it cost a fortune!

2) I also love to entertain, I throw parties for a living for other people, so when it comes time to entertain for my friends, it is usually last minute impromptu get together.  I enlist the help of my guests to throw the party with me.  I make the theme, “Wine and Sweets” and I supply the sweets and ask my friends to bring their favorite bottle of wine, or if it is a dinner, then ask everyone to bring a dish that represents a tradition that is meaningful to them and screams, “it is the holidays!”  My grandmother always made me a fruit salad with mini marshmallows and whipped cream, for me, that reminds me of the holidays!  If you provide the shell for the party to take place, like your home, it is completely reasonable to ask for some help in throwing the party!  The holidays are about getting together with family and friends, not spending a fortune!

3) I love presents, who doesn’t, but when it comes time to give a host gift or just a gift for a friend, my all time favorite gift is thank you notes and a few stamps!  The art of written correspondence is almost lost, especially when it comes to thank you notes, but I still think there is nothing better than getting mail that is not a bill.  Find some inexpensive thank you notes or if you feel like really going all out, get some with your friends monogram on them, throw in the stamps, wrap it up with a bow and it is the best gift you can ever give or get!

4) Back to decorating, the best part of my job… when creating am impressive centerpiece for the table, you don’t have to beak the bank.  I had 14 guests for Thanksgiving a few weeks ago and did a simple fabric runner, around 60 candles in all shapes and sizes, put the dinner plate down as a charger, bought napkins that match the colors of my dining room for future use and placed a pomegranate at each place setting with my guests place card on the napkin.  Lucky for me, I have a ton of candles from past events.  Everyone has candles and votives around the house and there is nothing better than candle light.  The table was beautiful and elegant and I have pomegranate seeds for my yogurt in the morning for breakfast to last a few more weeks!

5) There are nothing better than holiday traditions and in my family, for as long as I can remember, we have had two of them!  First, we always pick one present to open on Christmas Eve.  It reminds me of when I was a kid and I LOVE anything that is nostalgic.  Second, we always celebrate Baby Jesus’ Birthday!  I come from a strong Catholic family and for my mom, she has been doing this since she was a kid.  She pulls all the robes, towels, my grandfathers ties and some aluminum foil for the angels halos and everyone in the family plays their part.  Some years, my uncles and I are wise men, my cousins are angels and whoever is the youngest is Baby Jesus.  The best memory ever is when my grandmother who is the matriarch of our family found in her garage a tiger print jump suit from the 70s, she put it on at the vibrant age of 85, and crawled around the living room as an animal in the manger.  Trust me when I say, as a teenager, my sister and I would laugh at the thought of ever bringing anyone home to experience this Worley Tradition, but as an adult, I cherish this tradition and it is one of the highlights of my holidays with the family!  Create traditions with your family and friends, they are free and the memories last a lifetime!

Happy Holiday and wherever the next few weeks take you, be safe, enjoy and make the most of the season, it flies by so fast!

P.S. A bonus holiday tip which is a no brainer, when you are headed out the day after Christmas to make those returns, this is the perfect time to pick up a few of those expensive trendy holiday decor items at discount store prices.  At up to 75% off, you can’t beat the deals, pack them up with the decorations that you take down this year and when you pull them out next year, they will be new and exciting to you!”

Stay tuned for future guest posts by Brian Worley!