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“Shedding for the Wedding’s” Brian Worley

We would like to present another guest post by our good friend Brian Worley who is stopping by to give us a sneak peak at his new show airing on the CW next month!

Hey, this is Brian Worley from the new series Shedding for the Wedding premiering on the CW network Wednesday, February 23rd. Here is a sneak peak on the show and a little bit about me. I have included not just the icing on the cake so to “wedding speak” on how I approach producing a wedding, but it is also a little slice into Shedding for the Wedding and the role I will be playing on the show.  The show is inspiring, it is emotional, and mostly, it is an opportunity for one lucky couple to shed for the wedding and ultimately win their dream wedding!

I have been producing and designing events; every type of event, from movie premieres, award shows, celebrity weddings, product launches to name a few.  I love that I literally fell into a career that I had no idea even existed!  I grew up in Austin Texas and moved to Los Angeles as soon as the opportunity presented itself.  In college I was social chairman for my fraternity, who knew that one day I would get to be Social Chairman for Hollywood!

I own an event production company called YourBASH! with a dear friend who I met many years ago when I just started in the business.  She worked at SONY Studios and I was hired to design their Fall Launch Party.  Years later I was fortunate to get to produce and design her wedding and now we are business partners.  We pride ourselves on being a boutique event production company with the experience of our larger competitors.  We can produce and design an event for as few as 12 people into the thousands.   My experience in the event industry has also provided me the opportunity to guest star on almost every show related to events or weddings, as well as host Party Monsters, Cabo on E! and currently Shedding for the Wedding on the CW.

On Shedding for the Wedding, I have the honor of working with 9 couples to help inspire and create their ultimate dream wedding.  On the show I am the resident Wedding Planner/Designer and each week I provide the contestants with an element of the wedding that represents their specific theme.  Each couple has chosen a theme that represents who they are and their favorite colors as a starting point to create their dream wedding.  Old Hollywood, Fairy tale, or Eco-Friendly, are some examples of the wedding themes.  Each wedding is a representation of the couples personalities and what they want their wedding to look like!

On the show, each following week, we tackle the wedding dress, designing the flowers, designing the perfect cake and picking their ideal wedding bands, all leading up to the, “I DO’S”.  I like to think of my role on the show as the opportunity to have fun!  The couples are working out with their trainers night and day to get into wedding shape so when I spend time with them, I want to show both the bride and the groom that planning the wedding can be fun.

As a male wedding planner, I really try to include the groom in all the decisions of the planning process.  I want the couples that I work with to realize that the wedding is about the two of them coming together and that making decisions as a team can be awesome.  Typically the only time most wedding planners see the groom is when there is a cake tasting, creating the menu and sometimes when the entertainment is being decided on.  When I plan a wedding, I want the groom to be involved in everything.  I want him to know that this is his day as well and he will enjoy it so much more if he is involved in more than just showing up the day of!  I guess that is why so many brides want me to produce their wedding, I get the groom involved and make the day about the two of them!

Thats it for now but don’t forget to tune into the series premiere of Shedding for the Wedding Wednesday, February 23rd on the CW!

Click here to see Brian’s interview, or here for a preview of the show!

Wedding by YourBash!

Today we wanted to take time to spotlight two brilliant event producers, Jamie Geffen and Brian Worley of YourBash! We love working with them because no matter what the event, whether it be for a major studio or celebrity bride, they transform the client’s ideas and vision into a flawlessly executed event with true panache. Jamie and Brian are very well known in the events industry, but that exposure does not at all detract from their attention to detail and quality, and the truly personalized service that they offer to each client. On top of all of that, they are fun and exciting to work with–Brian’s great sense of humor and eye for design plus Jamie’s effervescent personality make the planning process feel like fun instead of work.  What more could you ask for, really?

The photos below are from a wedding that was held earlier this summer, produced by YourBash! and photographed by the lovely Laura Kleinhenz of Docuvitae.