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Evan Longoria’s Wedding Tasting at Vibiana

Evan Longoria and his fiancé, along with their planner, Mindy Weiss, joined Chef Neal Fraser at Vibiana for a wedding tasting and of course, lots of baseball talk.

Click HERE to watch the full  video and episode of “Real Fan Life” with Ben Lyons via The Players Tribune.


Top Chef at Vibiana | Where’s the Beef?

Vibiana hosted Top Chef’s recent “Where’s the Beef” episode:

“Instagram star Chef Jacques La Merde tasks the chefs with the ultimate plating challenge where they must create the most visually appealing food porn using only snack food. In an unprecedented twist, the winner of the Quickfire challenge was determined solely by the number of likes each dish received on Bravo’s Instagram account (@bravotv). Then, Chef Neal Fraser tasks the chefs to cook for a black-tie bacchanal event called Beefsteak where the diners forgo silverware and eat with their hands.”

Click HERE to watch the full episode via BRAVO.homepage-top-chef