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This modern, black, white and green wedding design is featured on Grace Ormonde Wedding Style.


Nareg and Taleen’s Wedding Story:
Nareg and Taleen’s wedding day was destined back in high school unbeknownst to the both of them. As a high school junior, Nareg, asked Taleen to her senior prom—and she rejected him—a story Nareg will still not let Taleen forget. Despite this, several years later, Nareg and Taleen cultivated a relationship post college over a love of food, laughter, humor, travel, and restaurants—all of which were important elements in their wedding day.

Having attended many weddings, Nareg and Taleen knew what they wanted right away when wedding planning began: something different. Nareg and Taleen worked with Nira from Amber Events who guided them in creating a sexy, edgy, and sophisticated wedding. Nira stuck by the couple’s side and promised to be with them from the morning of the wedding to being “the last face” they would see at the wedding (which was 100% true!). To go along with the edgy look, Nareg and Taleen immediately knew they wanted to book Dina from Andrena Photography for their wedding day, as her photos are vibrant, artistically stunning, and truly capture emotion candidly. In fact, when they first met Dina, they ended up chatting for a couple hours about everything except the wedding! It was a perfect match—food, humor, and photography. Another certainty for Nareg and Taleen was the venue—the Vibiana. The couple chose this venue for three reasons: high, ornate ceilings, the historical architecture, and the food (courtesy of Neil Fraser).

Being self-proclaimed foodies, it was extremely important for Nareg and Taleen to have carefully chosen food at their wedding. The couple chose their menu items with a discerning palate and took into consideration their guests’ flavor preferences, as well. Nareg and Taleen knew they wanted to join their cocktail hour, so they chose appetizers that they could indulge in, as well! Nareg’s favorite part was sampling the short ribs and Taleen’s favorite part was sampling the dessert bar. To add an element of surprise for their guests, Nareg and Taleen arranged with the Vibiana to serve a midnight snack unique to the couple—the Mother’s Love Quesadilla (MLQ). After college, Nareg opened the TK Truck, a gourmet food truck in Los Angeles, which combined Armenian and Middle Eastern flavors in a tortilla. Taleen used to spend many nights after work helping Nareg on the truck and the MLQ was a fan favorite. Knowing that so many of the original TK Truck supporters would be at the wedding, it was important for the couple to pay homage to the truck and once again indulge everyone’s MLQ cravings. Nareg and his father even made all the cheese for the quesadillas for the midnight snack! Everyone was thrilled to taste the flavors of the MLQ again!

 Venue: Redbird | Vibiana
Food + Beverage: Neal Fraser, Tobin Shea
Planner: Amber Events
Photographer: Andrena Photography
Floral Design: Shawna Yamamoto
Beauty: Face It Sugar
Bakery: Superfine Bakery
Band: Hear Beat
Rentals (Chargers): Classic Party Rentals
Calligraphy Mirrors: Calligraphy Katrina
Grey Ghost Chairs & Dance Floor: Chiavari Chair Rental
Media Placement: Rayce PR & Marketing

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