A Cocktail and Appetizer Celebration Fit For a Prince and Princess

In honor of the marriage of Prince William to (soon to be Princess) Kate Middleton, Mary from Jay’s Catering put together a little taste of what Jay’s would whip up for the Royal Wedding. Jay’s Catering is now a member of Vibiana’s preferred catering list and has a real knack for customizing menus of all types to suit each of our client’s taste, whether they are looking for a royal feast or a casual family-style affair.

Every bride is a princess on her wedding day… or at least should be treated like one.  At Jay’s we LOVE the process of getting to know our clients and assisting in the creation of their wedding menu. This once in a lifetime meal should serve two purposes. First, there is nothing more social than sharing a meal with someone you love. Second, and most importantly, your food should suit your venue, style and who you are as a couple.

If we were sitting with Prince William and Kate to create their menu, a few questions would come in to play- location and time of day. Family traditions and culture would also play a role in the menu selection. You see William and Kate are not serving a plated meal. The Palace isn’t able to facilitate a formal meal for 700 guests. Instead, they will be entertaining their guests with eight canapés. In this case the venue has set the tone for the menu selection and a tray passed canapé menu is needed.

In our creation of a royal wedding menu, we took into consideration Kate’s childhood in the English countryside and William’s life of fortune in palaces. Bite sized treats of old English standards were designed with a few new twists. Also keeping in mind guests will be hungry after all of the pomp and circumstance, hearty is key.

Traditional English beverages will also be served in a petite fashion to compliment the appetizers. A Champagne Cocktail for a toast and Ale as an English pub staple. Bite sized sweets are a must for this celebration and a fabulous way to finish the afternoon.

Here is the Appetizer, Sweets and Libation menu designed for our Royal Wedding Celebration:

Mini Country Pies

From the Countryside

Mini Country Pies

Little Pots of Bangers and Mash

Mini Cornish Pasties

Mini Fish and Chips

Tiny Roast Beef Sandwich with English Mustard and Pickle

Beef Wellingtons

From the Palace

Mini Beef Wellingtons with Béarnaise Sauce

Shots of Chilled

English Pea Soup with a Cucumber Tea Sandwich

Mini Filled Popovers

Crostini with Stilton and Chutney

Tiny Bread Pudding


Tiny Bread Pudding

Mini Trifles

Little Lattice

Apple Pie

Elderberry Champagne Cocktail


English Ale Shots

Petite Elderberry Champagne Cocktail

English Rose Cocktail

Little Pots of Bangers and Mash

Chilled English Pea Soup

Crostini with Stilton and Chutney

Roast Beef Sandwich with English Mustard

Little Lattice Apple Pie

English Ale Shots

Mini Filled Popovers

Stay tuned for more delicious event ideas from Jay’s Catering!

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